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What Our Customers Say

About the Rhino Wheel

  • "Thank you for being fast and efficient with what you do!  You are a part of what makes our business successful and your hard work doesn't go unnoticed!  We appreciate you!"  Tyler W.--Georgia
  • "Ted, the Rhino Wheel has been great! I have even done a few rocky jobs and had no issues. I love it and am very happy with it. So glad you recommended it to me!" Adam W.-- Florida
  • "If you need any referrals for the Alpine wheel I will be happy to talk to anyone that is interested. I am absolutely blown away on how well the wheel performs!" Jason P. -- Florida
  • "Absolutely incredible. I've been grinding since 1989 and have never seen such a resilient tooth. I am cutting faster than I could ever have imagined." Chris B. -- Connecticut
  • "My grinder is a Pro-Mark, small unit that we put a 22 hp engine then the Alpine Rhino wheel and changed it from "just a stump grinder" to a beast! I have plunge cut with it and it is amazing!." Steve A.. -- Oklahoma
  • "I was contemplating selling my new Toro STX26 because the cutting speed was slow at best. I decided to try the Rhino wheel because of the money back policy. Not only did the Rhino cut a lot faster than the factory Green Teeth design but it made such a difference that I've decided to keep my Toro." Peter F.. -- Canada
  • "I have cut 150 stumps averaging 20" and only chipped 1 tooth."  Johan A. -- Sweden
  • "I took 40 minutes with my Rayco 1645 to grind a 6 foot oak stump with the Rhino wheel that used to take me 65 minutes to do with the super teeth. That's 60% faster." Mike H. -- Ohio
  • "I have ground for a month now and damaged only one tooth using my 252. These teeth cut like a Mad Dog." Randy. -- Oregon
  • "I ground a 60' oak three feet off the ground in 20 minutes with my RG85.". Jerry -- California
  • "My Rayco 1625 does not bog down with the Rhino when I am deep in the ground as compared to the Green Teeth I have been using."  Dennis H. -- Louisiana
  • "Not only do I have faster cutting but these teeth allow surgical accuracy when next to buildings. Working in rocky conditions is not a problem".  Jeff -- Washington
  • "WOW, not only does the Rock Tech Rhino wheel cut fast on my Vermeer 353 but I hit a 1.25 " surveyors stake that had 30 marks in it before I could stop the machine. There was virtually no damage except a small nick in one tooth, unbelievable!" Glenn C. -- Canada
  • "I switched from the Yellow Jackets to the Rhino on our Vermeer 60TX and glad we did." Vic D. -- Washington
  • "The 4 tooth Rhino Rock-Tech is the best investment I've made. The teeth are very durable. The wheel cuts at least 30% faster than my factory New Revolution wheel. The Rock-Tech cutter wheel works smoothly with less drag and my machine uses less fuel in the process. And I love how easy it is to change the teeth when needed." Michael S.. -- Alabama
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