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Alpine Rhino Teeth

Looking to reduce cutting tool costs?  Sharp cutter teeth mean more efficient cutting power and money for you. We sell new and carbide retipped Rhino teeth giving you a sharp tooth time after time, Average turn around shipping is 24-48 hours. We recommend that worn cutter teeth sent to us for retipping be shipped with tracking.  

Please note that excessively worn or damaged teeth may not be able to be retipped.  

Order New and Retipped Alpine Rhino Teeth

---New Rhino standard teeth:                                                    $31.45 each

---New Rhino XL size teeth:                                                         $37.75 each

---Re-tipped Standard  Rhino teeth:                                        $23.10 each

---Re-tipped XL size Rhino teeth:                                              $27.30 each

---Keeper Block:                                                                                $34.65 each

---Keeper Bolt:                                                                                     $2.99  each

---Threaded Nut:                                                                               $14.60 each

---Side teeth-C'bored                                                                     $37.75 each

---Side teeth-threaded                                                           $37.75 each


For pricing of the Alpine Rhino Wheel, please contact Ted at 256-603-8150 or  Pricing is determined by your machine model.

To order, call 256-603-8150 or email your order to  NOTE:  All orders must be prepaid before shipping.

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