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The Alpine Rhino Wheel

The amazing Alpine Rhino Wheel with its durable cutter teeth 

gives your machine more power and faster cutting speed!

"The 4 tooth Rhino Rock-Tech is the best investment I've made. The teeth are very durable. The wheel cuts at least 30% faster than my factory New Revolution wheel. The Rock-Tech cutter wheel works smoothly with less drag and my machine uses less fuel in the process. And I love how easy it is to change the teeth when needed."

Michael S., Customer-- Alabama


Videos of the Alpine Cutter Wheel in Action

See more videos in our Alpine Gallery

Removal of a 36" Oak Stump

A stump removed in less than 8 minutes with a Rhino Wheel.

Stump Removal Close Up

Close up video of stump removal with a Rhino Wheel.

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